Investing is a complex process, shaped by the unique goals of each investor and encompassing an almost overwhelming diversity of alternatives. As a result, a comprehensive and systematic approach is required to move purposefully toward the desired goals.

This is the route taken by JDL Securities. The firm’s highly disciplined roadmap to success builds on extensive experience and incorporates sensible balance and diversification into each of its clients’ investment programs. The guiding philosophy puts strong emphasis on all-weather portfolios with liquidity and multiple options to insulate clients against any unforeseeable change in circumstances.

As a full service broker/dealer, JDL conducts a general securities business that includes stocks, bonds, municipal securities, and mutual funds. JDL clients take full advantage of the firm’s extensive experience in investment analysis and due diligence for products in these categories. Additionally, JDL brings its clients solid expertise in the selection of financial and investment advisory management.

JDL relies on carefully selected and constantly monitored investment portfolios that are customized to each individual need in protecting and building a client’s life estate. Areas of special expertise include the handling of lump sum distributions from qualified retirement plans by means of developing a personalized IRA rollover portfolio. JDL is experienced and has expertise in the handling of trustee services. Furthermore, the firm is knowledgeable in planned giving and the use of Charitable Trusts.

To maintain its objectivity, JDL is by choice an independent firm with absolutely no in-house products to market. The company’s sole interest is to assist clients in finding the best prescription to achieve their financial objectives. The firm strongly emphasizes keeping clients satisfied and growing its business through long-term client loyalty and referrals.

JDL provides highly personalized service, specializing in individual and small business owners/investors with a team-effort approach. We work closely with the client’s accountant and attorney so that a consensus of qualified counsel can be achieved. Regular portfolio and client reviews are another important part of the firm’s ongoing services.

Clients seeking a systematic approach to success will find it at JDL Securities. Further information, specific to your individual needs, is available on request. Please call or write for details.