JDL Securities will exceed our clients’ expectations in order to establish a new standard of excellence in the financial industry.


JDL Securities will purpose to provide a truly caring attitude for every individual client. We will listen to and accumulate information from the client first and then work at providing the right prescription for each client to assist them in accomplishing their personal stewardship responsibilities. We will endeavor to provide a sense of security for individuals and families through education and the implementation of “all-weather portfolios” thus providing a peace in the midst of the financial storms. It is our goal to provide the highest degree of satisfaction to clients, employees, and owners. As we reach for excellence we will continually eliminate defects and create habits of optimum client service with every employee.


JDL Securities realizes that our past and future success results from its vision of excellence and the values by which we live. The attached values are a set of principles which capture the spirit and the very culture of our company. We do not possess our values as a company in order to succeed; rather, we believe we will succeed as a result of the values we embrace.

Core Values

Integrity: We will be reliable, dependable, and can be counted on to keep promises. We will say what we do and do what we say.

Honesty: We will accurately report all the facts available to us. We will strive to be genuine, open, and aboveboard in our relationships.

Respect: We will practice the “Golden Rule” in decision-making. We will respect human life, dignity and the rights of everyone including considering their health, safety, and work environment. We, as a company, will aim to motivate each other by praise and positive affirmation rather than criticism.

Humility: We are in business for the people we serve (clients, employees, partners, vendors, and our community).

Teamwork: We will engender a cooperative and unselfish spirit by striving to maintain good working relationships and to support the efforts and goals of others.

Stewardship: We will strive to use wisely and prudently the resources with which we have been entrusted.

Accountability: Every person is responsible for his or her actions and accountable to a higher authority. In order to achieve our goals each of us will accept individual accountability for how we carry out our responsibilities as well as quickly acknowledge when we need assistance and seek out appropriate guidance.

JDL Team: At JDL we have an esprit de corp of enjoying being a team that is continually encouraging and supporting one another.

Family: JDL Securities recognizes that the family is the foundation unit of every society. The family has a higher priority than the firm and its profitability.

Ministry: We accept the call of being ministers to the market place, the extensions of the hands of Christ to minister to those with whom we come in contact in the course of our business activity.